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We are very much aware of today's requirements in terms of economic, technical or even more importantly environnemental evolutions. The firm has an excellent motto, witch says: "taste first and only then decide you like it!""




armagnacs, eaux de vie et flocs de Gascogne

The armagnac, is the oldest noble product on the property. The elaboration is made through woodfire distillation, and the still used is over a hundred years old. No one can say if its fabulous reputation came by word of mouthor by mouth to words!





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Our wines


Our Côtes de Gascogne wines, which will be an absolute delight in your palate, are grown from colombard, gros manseng, sauvignon, chardoonay, for the white wine, merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon for the reds.





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Some mentions  

- Prix du Président de la République 1988: médaille d'or Armagnac millésime 1987
- Guide Hachette 2015 deux étoiles : Cuvée des Ortolans
- Coup de coeur Prix 2012 de l'initiative oenotouristique en Armagnac
- Concours général agricole de Paris 2016 : médaille d'argent millésime 2002



* The alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health




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