Nos armagnacs



Armagnacs : appellation Bas-Armagnac contrôlée



An exquisite mixture of "folle blanche", baco and ugni blanc grapes, that will be well appreciated after diner. What a better compagnon for a soft relaxing evening taking you through sunset...







Eau de vie des muses


Served ice-cold, this surprising beverage shall be either the spiritual starter of your meal as a very original aperitif, or it will bring a typical tasty delight to your puddings, and be by all means the real flame of your gastronomy.





Floc de Gascogne


Colombard, gros manseng and for the floc blanc, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, for the floc rosé. Serve me very cool, close your eyes and fell the sweet pleasure of Gascogne



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