The history


The area is in the family since the eighteenth century where Noulens, Castex, Dulau, Georgacaracos have succeeded, always eager to pass on their expertise. The handover is done by women; hence the change of name to As alliances.


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The soil and the vine


Thanks to a natural slope facing South-East, the sunshine has an optimal effect on the maturation of the grapes and creates a unique subtil and aromatic beverage.





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Lagajan today



The priorities in the field of Lagajan are: product quality and the quality of reception. To do this, a family receives you: Gisèle, Constantin and Katia and Dimitri children. They'll talk with passion "from vine to wine", "the still the oak barrels," where Armagnac spent many years in the cellar of the darkness where the share of angels fly away.


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32800 Eauze (Gers)
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